“The High Performance Hitter” eBook

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This book was created to be the most complete and practical resource for hitters to reach their full potential. Some players may only need a chapter or two from this book, some may need it all. I believe that because of the “completeness” of this book, it is a valuable resource for not only youth and high school level hitters but also professional hitters.

One of the hardest concepts to get across to young and mature hitters alike is the amount of dedication and drive it takes to become a successful hitter at the highest levels. For many, it means a fundamental change in lifestyle. Your training, nutrition, batting practice and mind-set must all be pulling in the same direction. It means making sacrifices and making the decision that this is what you want. This program represents that fundamental change.

The hitters who make it are the ones who are constantly working to improve themselves. Whereas the players that tend to hit a wall are the ones content with success at their current level. Often, the issue is not lack of drive in a player, it is lack of direction. Many hitters simply do not know what they should be working on, what is important, and how they should be doing it. You can find a million different theories on how to hit, how to eat, how to train but what athletes need is the application. The how is what this resource is all about, providing the information and the application. This is the practical pursuit of developing high performance hitters.


– Lifetime updates
– Over 100 videos showing how to execute drills and movements
– Printable Hitting and Training Programs covering all 4 phases
– Warmup and Activation Quick Guide
– 14 unique printable Concentration Grids